Children Playing Large Outdoor Chess

Healthy Physical & Mental Activity

OuterLite's giant-scale garden chess set creates interaction between players and provides both physical and mental exercise. With a king that stands just under three feet tall, the game of chess takes on an entirely new dimension.

OuterLite is the ideal patio chess set for your backyard, sunny days in the park, and camp outings. It's only 25 lbs. and fits right in your car. You can take it to community centers, chess clubs, schools, or practically anywhere. It's a great activity for birthdays and special events.

Girl Playing Outdoor Chess

UV-Treated Plastic Components

Each Outerlite chess piece consists of 6 flat UV-treated plastic panels held together by a flexible plastic fastener that when snapped, hold the panels open to provide a beautiful 3-dimensional radial look.  Outerlite Chess can be set up in minutes for game play and when finished playing, the pieces collapse flat when the fasteners are unsnapped.  

Convenient Storage

When not in use, the collapsed pieces can be conveniently stored using very limited space.  The entire set will fit in a closet, storage shed, or your garage.  With our custom duffel bag, available in our online store, it is easy to carry as well.  Its patented collapsible design makes it the most practical large-scale chess set available anywhere!  It is the only one of its kind.

Note: Due to its light weight, Outerlite Chess should only be played outdoors on calm days. The pieces will blow over in wind speeds above 7 mph.